about me

I love the natural environment and it influences all parts of my life. Having grown up in a small rural village in the mountains, I have always had a fascination with the colours and textures of Australian trees, seed pods and other gifts from the bush. There is an obvious connection to the natural landscape in my sculpture - primarily through my use of clay and love of raw, earthy coloured finishes.

Some of my pieces are likened to gum trees where the trunk is revealed beneath peeling bark, while other figures have smooth, stone-like surfaces.

I intentionally use curves and spaces in my work to allude to human form. Although often created from life models, these bodies become abstractions of shape and scale which challenge one's perspective. By evoking the essence of human form and avoiding the literal, I dare the viewer to explore the feminity and masculinity, the joy, love or dismay that they may relate to in my work.